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Burj Khalifa: the highest skyscraper in the world

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Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, where before there was only a vast and desolate expanse of desert and become the highest skyscraper in the world with its 160 floors and a total height of 827 meters. This architectural giant cost 1 billion and € 220,000 was inaugurated in 2010 with a beautiful fireworks display.

The supporting structure consists of a hexagonal central core (which has the purpose to resist twisting forces) supported by three wings that branch off from it, formed by walls that run along the corridors. This solution has allowed to build a very tall building but with bright and airy interiors.

The tower has a broad base that helps to support the weight of concrete and steel, while climbing, the supports are reduced and describe a spiral upward. The whole structure is externally coated with reflective glass panels with aluminum and textured stainless steel.

The futuristic structure, designed by American architect Adrian Smith, is more than 300 meters above the current record holder, the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan.

Image Credits: world-visits.blogspot.it

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