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CCTV Headquarters, a quite strange skyscraper

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The Chinese also have fantasy to think a building like this. The new headquarters of China Central Television does not have a definite shape, if you were to make an effort to explain it to a friend would be difficult if you do not have at hand a picture.

The main building is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of six horizontal and vertical sections, with an open center. The upper part is formed by two large L Inverse, united to create a right angle, cantilevered with respect to vertical structures. The outer surface of the front is covered by a diagonal grid irregular. The construction of this building is considered a structural challenge, both for the unusual shape is, and even more, because it is located in an earthquake zone, almost to question every physical law.

The beginning of the work took place on 22 September 2004 and was completed in December 2008, after the start of the Summer Olympic Games 2008, the date originally scheduled for the end of the work. Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) are the architects and design firm Arup UK is responsible for the complex engineering project. The building has a height of 234 meters for 51 floors.

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