Cement wood: a high performance composite

If we think about the combination of a traditional building materials such as concrete, and a component that is having an increasingly important role in modern architecture, such as wood, comes what might be termed cement wood. It is therefore a mixture, which combines each other important characteristics, resistance for the cement, and excellent thermal properties for wood, leading to the formation of a high performance material.

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The formation of this material, starts from scraps of wood, which once mixed with ferric oxide water portland cement, undergo a process of mineralization. Finally, the obtained mixture is processed with a machine that shape blocks, which leads to the formation of blocks of cement wood. Within blocks, will be subsequently added to the concrete, which provides stability to the structure and therefore provides excellent resistance supporting. The installation of these blocks, is dry; this leads to a construction faster and more economical, since it does not require the mortar.

The characteristics of this material are very interesting. The thermal insulation is one of these, and brings great advantages housing, because the energy saving increases. Other very important properties are the sound insulation and the fire resistance. Do not leave out its structural properties; in fact it is a very resistant material, which has excellent ability to seismic resistance; for this reason we can think of the use of this material for all construction types, from residential to public use.

Making a comparison between the blocks of cement wood and other construction materials, it can be said that the use of this component, including laying in work, represents  low cost of carrying, but at the same time leads to the building of a complete and resistant structure. Moreover, thanks to the presence of special parts, it is possible to realize any type of wall, avoiding the problem of the thermal bridge, typical of our construction especially when there are doors and windows.

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