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Expo Milano 2015: the Emirates still amaze

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In this voyage dedicated to Expo Milano 2015 could not miss the United Arab Emirates. Their presence at the Universal Exhibition has been watching especially in view of Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai.

Undulating walls, 12 meters high symbolizing the desert dunes and the typical landscape of the Arab Emirates, which are connected with the construction technologies used and emphasize the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. This pavilion is located in one lot from the rectangular plan, which covers an area of about 3,800 square meters.


The pavilion presents a series of events during the tour route: the spectacular entrance through the walls 140 meters long, the central focus of the exposure in the auditorium circular and subsequent post-show area. In addition to the three experiences, visitors have the opportunity to attend a preview of EXPO 2020, which as we said will be held in Dubai, before you can access the restaurant that offers local products of the Emirates. In addition, the pavilion will also feature a business center, a gallery and a VIP lounge, as well as areas for staff.

The architectural and structural, has been entrusted to the international company  Foster + partners.

As explained by Gerard Evenden, architect and project manager senior partner at Foster + Partners:

“Our aim was not only to create an iconic building, but to build a space that was both an integral part of our history is the theme. All you’ve done is connected to the UAE and to their efforts to achieve sustainable solutions. We drew on the natural landscape, local architecture as the modern designs, in turn influenced by traditional forms. A roof garden will allow us to supply the restaurant and different solutions will be used for clean energy.”


The structure of the walls is made from 1000 tons of steel quality S355J2. The joints are bolted to ensure removal of the structure which is then reassembled in Dubai in order to be presented again in the next edition of the show.

In detail, they have been used beams HE type. Their greater spread is justified by their greater efficiency in bending loads: they in fact the material is concentrated on the wings, the parts furthest from the point of gravity of the section, it increases their bending stiffness. Also, they have been used merchant for secondary structures and composite beams made from welded sheets of thickness 8, 12 and 15 mm.

Also of note are the materials with high recyclability, transportation through electric vehicles or zero emissions to achieve the LEED GOLD certification.

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