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Expo Milano 2015: The Thailand’s Pavilion

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A central building shaped  Ngob, the traditional hat of Thai farmers made with woven straw: this is the particularity of the Thailand’s Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. It was decided to opt for this choice of construction because some of the directions that the organizers had set out to highlight were the agricultural aspect of the country and the importance that agriculture has in this Territory. The Pavilion is designed by OBA (The Office of Bangkok Architects). The part of the implementation with the participation of CMC di Ravenna in collaboration with the CMB of Carpi. The area of the lot is 2,947 square meters.


The highly symbolic architecture of this pavilion in addition to express the main concept that want to find new ways to delight and Feeding the world in a sustainable manner, give us other points of reflection. He tells of a country closely tied to the water and soil resources; Everything is contained in the Thai Spirit comprising water, agriculture and lifestyle. The journey begins with the Floating Market consists of a ramp surrounded by water. Next to the access ramp is the Naga, a real snake symbol of water and fertility. In the end the visitor arrives in the main hall shaped Ngob.

The Ngob shaped part is definitely the symbol part of the pavilion; its implementation has seen the use of steel and laminated wood. The elevated structures are formed by HE beams, IPE and UPN; the steel used is of quality S275. Steel is used in the Pavilion: starting from the walkway consists of steel frames that support the walkway, up to the shaped structure Ngob, where you see the perfect fusion of the steel support structure consisting of pillars and perimeter beams with the structure of laminated wood.

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