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Jing-Jin-Ji and China becomes the center of the world

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Vanguard of the Asian countries scares, but, even more, scares the new project of a Chinese megalopoli, “Jing-Jin-Ji“, which is estimated to will give shelter to 130 million inhabitants. Let’s find out what that is.

First, start by name. The abbreviation “JJJ” chosen as the name of the new city reveals itself a colossal project ie merge Beijing with Tianjin port and the entire region of Hebei, the province that surrounds the capital. “Jing” summarizes Beijing; “Jin” is going to Tianjin and “Ji” is an abbreviation of Hebei.

Big-Bei, the name by which the of the Chinese state propaganda tries to make more nice the new project, will be then invested with the mission to dominate the planet according to a new logic housing. The idea is based on a new concept of urbanization dictated by the advent of hi-tech technologies that, in this way, would close permanently the era of the industrial cities of the modern West.

To connect the immense territory, will be completed within ten years dozens of new high-speed railway lines, highways, canals and river bridges, subways, airports and tunnels. The new megacity will incorporate rural villages and second-tier cities, dividing a large territory and reorganizing it according to new schemes aimed at guaranteeing a better circulation of the inhabitants today, at least according to statistics of the Chinese government itself, they are forced to move from the periphery to center of the capital in a very long time. In detail, the new megacity will benefit from organizing low-cost, eco-friendly, rapid transport to 300 km per hour, electric cars, green spaces and green energy.

The entire area will come across several challenges, not least to control the increasing air pollution. To help out, that effect will be Italy: the Ministry of Environment and the Municipality of Beijing have signed a technical agreement for the execution of an important project that will bring the vast area of China to adopt an advanced system control and monitoring of pollutants released into the atmosphere:

Reducing pollution – explains the Minister in a press release – is the first objective of this ambitious project. As part of the agreement signed with the Chinese capital of about 1.7 million euros, Italy will contribute technology and providing technical assistance to measure, characterize and monitor the sources of air pollution, particularly with regard to fine particulate (PM 2,5), considered one of the most polluting in the urban environment.

Then there is the economic issue. The President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping, has told, that integrate and coordinate the development of the region around Beijing in terms of administrative functions, distribution of industry, transport, urban services, will avoid duplication, waste, inefficiencies due to the useless competition between neighboring towns for the same business sectors.

All this will be made in view of the Winter Olympics of 2022, which will be held near the Great Wall of China.

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