Mini House: the prefab that comes with the postal service

mini house,Close-up Engineering

Mini House is the original idea of the architect and swedish designer Jonas Wagell that aims to create simple and easy to use objects. The prefabricated house is designed like a house prêt-à-porter for its facility of installation requiring no more than 2 days.

The mini house comes through the postal service, in a box Ikea-style, and is ready to be assembled on a concrete base. The first prototype has an internal area of 15 square meters with a terrace of the same size surmounted by a wooden canopy.

minihouse,Close-up Engineering

This small ecologically sustainable house is made of wood, thermally protected with an insulating plastic or laminated plywood and polystyrene, with a compact kitchen, a bathroom, a central living area, with a pellet stove and a set of solar panels to produce electricity. As the architect Wagell says: “Mini House is faster to build than a normal home and is made of prefabricated modules and components that can be recycled.”

This system of houses is spreading widely in Sweden, where, according to the law, from January 1, 2008 you can build a house of 15 square meters on their land without having to take any kind of permission. For this reason the idea of conceptual building a small house to live in during the weekend, it’s an idea that has been very successful so much so that the architect Wagnell to work on new models.

The architect Wagell, in collaboration with the company Sommarnöjen, a manufacturer of eco-houses began working on this project two years ago. Now the concept of the Mini House is growing and the new range of prefabricated houses will come with new floor plans, new layout and size from 15 to 90 square meters through the use of prefabricated modules combined. Sommarnöjen’s company will manage the development, production, sale and export of Mini House.

minihouse,Close-up Engineering
minihouse,Close-up Engineering

The estimated price for the model of 15 square meters is 24 000 € (excluding VAT), while the prices related to the new models are not fixed, but depend on the choices of the client, from materials and equipment.

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