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Mini Sky City: how to build a skyscraper in 19 days

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A skyscraper, the Mini Sky City of 59 floors; built in 19 working days. This is what boasts a construction company of China, the Broad Sustainable Buliding Co.. We would say that could be a candidate for the Guinness world record for being the construction company the world’s fastest.

This took place in Changsha, Hunan province, central China. The announcement of the end of the work was given by the vice president of B.S.Buliding Co., Xiao Changgeng.


The building consists of everything from glass and steel, has been designed with an innovative modular system, just like building a house with LEGO bricks. How boasts the engineer Chen Xiangqian:

With the traditional method, it would build brick by brick, but with our method we should not do is put together the modules.

The preparation of the modules (2,736 in total), each of three floors, took four months of work. The first 20 floors were completed in 2014, before returning to work until January 31, due to bad weather. The remaining section was completed in February. The technicians ensure that is earthquake-proof.

Mini Sky City has 19 rooms, 800 apartments and office space for four thousand people. The sale of this property will be launched in May.


According to the architect Liu Peng, co-director of the Beijing office of international law firm Arup, the method used by B.S.Buliding Co. is safe, and has already been tried in Britain and the United States. Its limit, he added, is that it is not perfect, you can not respond to all customer-specific requirements, which now more than ever want customized structures.


The company, said the vice president Xiao, believed in the method in modules and intends to use it to build a skyscraper, the Sky City, which, with 220 floors, will be the highest in the world. The B.S.Buliding Co. and ‘confident to accomplish the feat in just three months.


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