Plus Pool: the first swimming pool in the world able to purify the waters of a river

Plus Pool will rise in the East River in front of the Manhattan Bridge in New York, one of the most polluted areas of the city and allow its residents to enjoy relaxing moments and swim in the river.

pluspool, Close-up Engineering, Credits:

In fact, the smart new pool is designed to filter the water of the river on which it floats through its walls, designed as filters giants immersed in the East River and able to purify about 2 million liters of water a day.

Plus Pool has the form of a +, from which it takes its name, and will consist of four interconnecting pools, about 50 meters long, which accommodate different audiences, from children to athletes. The structure will be anchored to the bottom of the river and it will be accessible from the shore by a footbridge.

pluspool, Close-up Engineering, Credits:

 Dong-Ping Wong, Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin, young architects from Brooklyn who imagined Plus Pool, are working on the project with a group of scientists and engineers. At the Pier 40 was set up a temporary laboratory in which researchers involved in the project have worked to develop a filtering system that efficiently eliminates bacteria and polluting substances without using chemical additives. In fact the walls of the pool will be made from layers of filter materials that will form a real purification system.

Is not yet clear, however, what will happen to all that will be captured by the filters of the pool since there are some options to consider, for example the collection tanks, which can be removed and carried out in the sites for the treatment of waste, or the realization of floating wetlands to facilitate the removal of the same waste.

The project was conceived in 2013, and although there is no official date of inauguration, expected to be operational by 2016. The creators have asked for help to the Net through the crowd funding, the funding system in which everyone can participate actively, with the motto “Buy a tile, build a pool” . This is a fundraiser on the official website, where you can buy a tile which will be etched his name: for $ 25 a tile shared with 7 other donors, for $ 149 a white tile for himself alone, 199 dollars for a blue tile.



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