Rotating Tower: the skyscraper that changes its shape over time

Rotating Tower is a skyscraper that will revolutionize the architecture, projecting into the fourth dimension: the time. It will be able to rotate on itself through 360 degrees in a period of just 90 minutes.

The rotating tower was designed by the Italian-born Israeli David Fisher who has focused his professional career in a dynamic and changing architecture that orients their space according to time of day, in relation to the seasons, or simply to own pleasure, marking the real novelty design and its originality.

The first dynamic skyscraper will be built in Dubai, but it’s also in the design phase in Moscow. The rotating tower in Dubai will be 420 meters high and has 80 floors divided into:

  • First 20 floors: offices
  • 15+ levels: six-star hotel
  • Subsequent 35 floors: luxury apartments
  • Last 10 floors: “villas”

The apartments are going to have an area from 124 square meters up to 1200 square meters. Moreover a special lift will start from the ground floor, equipped with a computer-system which you can control by your eyes; the car will be brought by this lift directly to the floor of each villa, in order to be parked there.

The Rotating Tower presents innovations in many aspects. It is the first building to be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. The skyscraper will contain 79 wind turbines posed horizontally between floors in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment that the traditional vertical turbines cause due to their encumbrance. Photovoltaic cells will be installed on the roof of each rotating floor for a surface area equal to 20% of each roof. According to estimates, the skyscraper will produce in a year, 190 million kilowatts of energy, for a gain of 7 million euro.

Dynamic Tower will be the first prefabricated skyscraper, in fact each plan will be implemented in Italy and then transported and assembled in Dubai. The units will be completely finished in the factory and equipped with all the hydraulic lines and electrical sistem, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. These prefabricated cells will be hooked on site to a central concrete trunk fixed, in order to realize an entire building in very short time. The assembly of the 48 modules that make up each floor will occur in about 7 days for each level. Moreover the prefabrication cites numerous benefits because it reduces time and cost of building and ensures a high level of technology and high quality finishes.

According to the architect David Fisher the Rotating Tower, “forged by life, designed by time, should be considered the beginning of a new era of architecture.”


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