Smog Free Tower, how to clean air and create stone rings

We already talk about the gravity of the situation concerning air pollution in the biggest cities of the world and also how this problem could be faced. (The vertical wood: an entirely Italian project & M50, a tree-covered mountain to save Shanghai). At this point of human history, pollution is a real dangerous problem, as the latest research in medical area confirm: air pollution can increase the risk of tumor. After Milan and Shanghai, also Rotterdam, the most “green” city in the world, always one step ahead about the environment (Goodbye asphalt, plastic roads are coming), will try to face the pollution of their air thanks to the biggest outdoor air purifier in the world, the Smog Free Tower.

La Smog Free Tower

The Smog Free Tower is a 7.0 × 3.5 m modular system that is capable of create clean air using patented ion technology and producing smog free bubbles that allow people to breath and experience clean air for free; this technology is used indoors in hospital, so it’s safe and tasted, the team has adapted it to outdoor ambient. This tower can clean 30,000 cubic meters of air in an hour, it means that in one-and-a-half days it could clean the air contained in a typical football stadium. The tower uses no more electricity than a water boiler (1400 watts) and it runs on green wind energy.

La Smog Free Tower

The Smog Free Tower can catch the tiny toxic particles that can be inhaled into the lungs, as Ph2,5 and Ph10, thanks to the creation of field of static electricity. After aspirating a certain quantity of air, the tower cleans it from smog and put again in circulation an air bubble 75% purer than before.

La Smog Free Tower

Thanks to this ion process and to the compression of fine particles, the tower can produce small stones from the rest of collected smog. In fact, this smog is formed by 42% of carbon and, once is compressed, you can get a small cubic stone which contain 1000 m3 of clean air. Thanks to this initiative the Smog Free Jewellery is born, where you can latterly buy clean air rings to sensitize people to environmental pollution.

La Smog Free Tower

This technology was tasted in different parks in Rotterdam during all the past winter, with incredible positive results. Now Daan Roosegarde and his team want to install their invention in the most polluted cities of the world, as Pechino, Los Angeles, Paris and Mexico City.

La Smog Free Tower

So, we have to wait until this technology could be installed in a different city, or we can buy a small air clean ring to contribute to a cleaner world!


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