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The Apple spaceship dedicated to Steve Jobs

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Are initiated in 2013 works of the Apple spaceship, namely the nickname given to the new Apple Campus 2, which, presumably, will end at the end of 2016.

The new campus in Cupertino, which is taking shape in the former complex HP, will probably be dedicated to Steve Jobs. A tribute more than due, regarded as Jobs himself has been spent relentlessly in the project, a few months after the sad ending. This was revealed by the same Tim Cook in an interview for Fortune, led by Adam Lashinsky. The decision will, however, the widow and the children, who will hold each priority for decision-making will clear the leadership of the “bitten apple”.

The intention of Apple is to move employees by 2017. In addition to the main building will be built a square, parking for all employees and a 1,000-seat auditorium where presumably there will keynote the future of the company.

As well as AppleInsider points out, it seems that the entire company will, however, transferred from Infinite Loop to the new location that will house about 12,000 employees. In fact, the current premises will remain active, although the most important teams like design, will enjoy their own dedicated space in the ship.

The facility will also offer an area of research and development by approximately 28,000 square meters.


Cook described the ambitious project, a circular campus almost entirely of glass and completely environmentally friendly, as “the mother of all the products.” The leader of Apple is convinced that the work environment should deeply reflect the philosophy of a company, then the strategies undertaken: the focus on the environment would be born to satisfy this need, just think of the number of data centers inaugurated in recent years and fully renewable sources.

The famous British financial newspaper, Business Insider, he got to talk to people who worked on the project: Apple employees regularly use the iPhone in meetings with contractors as a comparison for what they’re trying to build.

“There have been many meetings with representatives of Apple taking the iPhone and say this is what we are building”

Meaning that, if you look at the phone, he determined bevels, a certain luster, it was determined how brilliant it had to be and construction must follow the same method, the same attention to detail. “Every single piece of this building was engineered” explain even the experts, “in other words, everything was taken into consideration, verified, monitored, measured and modeled in advance, from the concrete to the joints, the armor.”

In the huge, futuristic headquarters of Apple is being offered to become a symbol of enterprise architecture, the glass partitions that will separate the workplace, will be installed by an Italian company, Estel Thiene near Vicenza, to a value of 80 million euro, by Norman Foster, the architectural firm that is leading the construction of the campus.

As mentioned, the building will be completely immersed in the green, gardens and local orchards, now contains not only a large parking lot for the more than 20,000 daily visitors, but also leisure areas, a gymnasium and a theater area it seems.

On the net was broadcasting footage showing the progress of the works of the new headquarters of the Cupertino giant. The images were taken by the drone Above Reno, who has sailed the skies of the yard, where they were virtually completed the foundations of both the main building (which is delineated by a circle), and the various car parks and auditoriums that will surround the new headquarters of Apple.

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