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The artificial palms of Dubai

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Today we will discuss one of the most ambitious projects in the history of humanity since the low amount of coastline of Dubai, a system to enhance the coastline, or create artificial islands large (the jagged possible, so here’s the form to palm ) on which to build homes.

Palm Jumeirah consists of a trunk and a crown with 17 branches, enclosed by a crescent which is a 11 km long breakwater. The island is 5 km long and 5 km along the axis in the transverse direction. Enable an increase of 56 km coastal development in Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island so completely human-created from the original shape of palm. Have been used for the construction of 7 million cubic meters of rock and 94 million cubic meters of sand, which was taken from the seabed and superimposed on a pedestal of rock just created. In reality, this construction process is not simple and has led not a few problems in the realization phase, one of which was that of compacting the sand so that the island not to collapse on itself liquefying in a short time. The island connected to the mainland by a bridge of 300 meters and an underwater tunnel.

Despite all the difficulties of the project, the last October, the island has become the largest artificial island ever built by man, waiting to be overtaken by other pharaonic projects of Dubai planned for the coming years.

The first phase of the project involved the creation of 4,000 accommodation including villas and apartments: 1,400 villas are situated on the island 11 branches and about 2,500 apartments spread across 20 buildings along the eastern side of the trunk.

This island is the first step of the ambitious project that sees 2015 the completion of the other two islands even more impressive (Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira), an archipelago of islands shaped like a map of the world (The World), a another archipelago called The Universe, and the complex of islands and canals largest in the world (Dubai Waterfront).

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