The Geodesic Dome, between lightness and stability

Thanks for the article to Luigi Corvo, student of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari.

Lightness, stability and minimal environmental impact are just some of the features that make the geodesic dome, an engineering solution to high relief that is slowly emerging in the civil. The hemispherical structure is generally composed of a network of beams lie on great circles which, in turn, intersect to form triangular elements which together give the structure the appearance of a sphere.

The geodesic dome is the only structure capable of increasing its resistance with increasing size. Exploiting this point of strength, has been used for the construction of modern radar stations, tensile structures and stages. For example, the ‘”AAMI Park Rectangular Stadium” in Melbourne takes the geodesic domes and as a cover for the stands, both as a supporting structure for the four lighting towers installation.

Emblematic is the use of “Domes” for the development and construction of the facilities of the ‘”Eden Project“, a tourist complex in Cornwall, where they were exploited for the construction of two huge biospheres able to play in them two biomes , the Mediterranean and the tropical.

The geodesic structures thus show a remarkable versatility and seem to be able to gain more and more importance in the field of construction, being able to ensure a diverse selection of location, convenience and durability.

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