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The system of green roofs: a traditional method and environmentally friendly

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Almost no other form of roof offers greater opportunities as a flat roof. The greening of surface that allows the development of new flora and fauna and even the use of space by man for rest and recreation. The more urban areas are densely built especially what has value. As a pioneer in green roofs roofs, ZinCo can rely on over 40 years of experience and success with multiple solutions for any type of roofing and roof.

No matter if it is a typical roof slope of 2%, a perfectly flat roof at 0 °, a sloped roof or barrel, a greening is possible up to ca. 35 °. ZinCo is able to offer depending on the shape of the roof and dell’inverdimento desired the most appropriate system. The difference will stand in the fact that it is an extensive or intensive greening.

The green with many facets

An extensive planted area is probably a large surface area but that can be achieved and maintained with relatively low investment. The layering with the substrate will be of 5-15 cm with a limited weight 60-150 kg / m², which allows the greening of existing surfaces. Another advantage is the low cost of maintenance. The plants used, such as sedum, moss, herbs and aromatic plants, in most of the conditions (except in areas of low atmospheric precipitation) do not require additional irrigation. One or two inspections a year are enough to weed out any insertions variety unwanted or harmful or clean water discharges.

Greening Intensive offers all the possibilities for creativity in a traditional garden freeing imagination landscape architecture. Stratification is 15-100 cm and allows to plant lawns, shrubs, trees accompanied by pedestrian paths, ponds and play areas. Are also possible areas driveways if the static permits. The weights to be considered in these solutions can vary from 150 to 1300 kg / m². Green roofs of this type require irrigation systems and maintenance as any other garden.

The appropriate system for green roofs


The system greening consists of multiple functional elements. The base is always a cover well waterproofed, both with anti-root sheaths or with a cloth that stands between anti-root sheath and green system. The first layer will be a felt of separation and accumulation of water that protects the waterproofing by the mechanical action of the elements above. On top of this you will rest the elements of drainage and accumulation that collect and manage water rainfall rainwater and ensure that the right degree of humidity of the substrate. Excess water is then conveyed towards the drains. Depending on the type of greening using different drainage elements to ensure at any thickness of the green substrate and a right water intake. The correct installation of these elements provides a drainage even in areas in vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Any concrete elements for the foundation of lampposts, gazebo, anchor points for children’s games, etc. They can be built on top of these elements in order to ensure good drainage. Between the substrate and elements of drainage is usually interposed a sheet separator that prevents deposits of fine elements of collection trays water. The substrate itself is normally composed of mineral elements (such as brick shredded) and organic mixed depending on the vegetation to be installed.

A perfect combination with solar panels

In addition to the classic greening extensive or intensive, flat roofs can be used for installation of solar panels. In this case the combination of solar panels and green roof leads to synergistic effects of yield of the photovoltaic panels (up to + 4%). ZinCo offers systems with drainage elements on which to mount the frames door-panels which can be fixed without the perforation of the sheath.

Added value through green roofs


A greening of a roof decreases the changes in temperature it is subjected to the sheath greatly lengthening the duration. Moreover the layers useful irrigation plants retain 40 to 90% of precipitation rainy, decreasing the supply of water into the sewer and decreasing the risk d`inondazioni. A green roof acts then as acoustic and thermal insulation.

Green roofs are friendly environments in cities increasingly cemented and ensure a supply of green also from the point of view of aesthetics as many recent examples from around the world confirm.

All this is going to last a long time if designed and implemented correctly and with the highest quality materials. This is what ZinCo guarantees.

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