TX ACTIVE, the cement that neutralizes smog

Who said that in the context of the building could not be more innovations, that there was nothing left to discover?

Well, today we are here to refute these rumors, or rather, it does so Italcementi with his TX ACTIVE.

TX ACTIVE is an active ingredient discovered in fact by famous Italian company, thanks to collaboration of Louis Cassar and his team, the result of 10 years of study and specialization.

The cements with this principle not only are self-cleaning, but, thanks to a protective film and the photovoltaic action of the sun, are able to reduce by more than 70% pollution surrounding (and in particular the presence of nitrogen oxide, the element that contributes to the formation of so-called “fine particles” that can enter the blood). In fact, just a thin layer of this material to activate a process of self-cleaning of the treated surface and the air that surrounds it. The secret is in the oxide of titanium present in the cement that accelerates and makes it harmless contaminants.

According to estimates by the same manufacturer:

“In a big city like Milan, for example, researchers have calculated that – on the basis of test results – coated with products containing TX Active cement containing 15% of visible urban surfaces would reduce pollution by about 50 %; or the application of one thousand square meters of product equivalent to planting 80 trees evergreen and neutralization of pollution of thirty cars. “

The project has been followed, much to represent Italy in Berlin during the European Inventor Award of the EPO (European Patent Office), the Oscars of technological innovation.

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